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Emerson David Baker

Emerson David Baker

Just The Facts
Birthday: November 27
Nickname(s): Emo
Favorite Food: Spaghetti, pizza, mac-n-cheese, chicken nuggets, apples
Hobbies: Running, soccer, basketball, baseball, video games, tinker toys, and legos
Favorite TV Show
or Movie:
Kody Kapow, Charlie and Lola
Other: I'm pretty tall for my age and have been in the 90+ percentile since a baby. My due date was December 10, but I decided to come early. I was born 2 weeks before my due date weighing 6 lbs 11 oz at 20.5 inches long. As an infant, I liked to sleep with my head pressed into the corner of my co-sleeper.

Recent News
July 26, 2022
Back to school night for Emerson and Elias tonight.

July 1, 2022
Emerson, Elias, and David had an awesome week at Camp Allendale learning about how to make waves to change the world.

May 26, 2022
Busy day ended with our Blaze award night. Emerson finished the season with 108.75 miles and 3rd place for the 3k boys.

May 17, 2022
Fun Blaze run this evening. Emerson came in 4th for the 3k.

April 28, 2022
Emerson had a piece of artwork put up at the corporation art show.

April 21, 2022
The boys had a fun time at the track meet that the high school team put on for the little kids. Emerson was tripped at the start of the 1600 and got pretty skinned up but got right up and finished second place for his age group. He was mad because he thinks he could have finished faster had it not been for the fall. He did go on to place first in the 400.

April 9, 2022
Cold morning for the Running of the Bulldogs 5K. Emily ran with Emerson to encourage him, and they finished with a time of 26:56 (48th and 49th out of 264).

April 8, 2022
The spring running season is in full swing again. Blaze also started on Tuesday with the first time trial of the season yesterday. The kids all did wonderful, and it is great to have the teens to come help run with the little kids. These kids are way too fast for us old people.

March 18, 2022
Donut breakfast mornings at school are so much fun. This is the first one since Covid.

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School donut breakfast.<br><div class='photoDatesPopup'><br>from Emerson's Photos taken 3/18/2022 and posted 8/19/2022</div>
School donut breakfast.

taken: 3/18/2022
posted: 8/19/2022
Volunteering in Emerson's class is always fun!<br><div class='photoDatesPopup'><br>from Emerson's Photos taken 3/11/2022 and posted 8/19/2022</div>
Volunteering in Emerson's class is always fun!

taken: 3/11/2022
posted: 8/19/2022
Literally climbing the walls.  Welcome to winter!<br><div class='photoDatesPopup'><br>from Emerson's Photos taken 2/23/2022 and posted 8/19/2022</div>
Literally climbing the walls. Welcome to winter!

taken: 2/23/2022
posted: 8/19/2022
Game time at the classroom party.<br><div class='photoDatesPopup'><br>from Emerson's Photos taken 2/18/2022 and posted 8/19/2022</div>
Game time at the classroom party.

taken: 2/18/2022
posted: 8/19/2022
Valentine's day gifts from Mom and Dad.<br><div class='photoDatesPopup'><br>from Emerson's Photos taken 2/14/2022 and posted 8/19/2022</div>
Valentine's day gifts from Mom and Dad.

taken: 2/14/2022
posted: 8/19/2022
Trying to get speed going down the hill.<br><div class='photoDatesPopup'><br>from Emerson's Photos taken 2/5/2022 and posted 8/19/2022</div>
Trying to get speed going down the hill.

taken: 2/5/2022
posted: 8/19/2022
Sledding fun at the park.<br><div class='photoDatesPopup'><br>from Emerson's Photos taken 2/4/2022 and posted 8/19/2022</div>
Sledding fun at the park.

taken: 2/4/2022
posted: 8/19/2022
Feeling cool in Elise's old hat.<br><div class='photoDatesPopup'><br>from Emerson's Photos taken 2/1/2022 and posted 8/19/2022</div>
Feeling cool in Elise's old hat.

taken: 2/1/2022
posted: 8/19/2022
Trying on glasses.<br><div class='photoDatesPopup'><br>from Emerson's Photos taken 1/17/2022 and posted 8/19/2022</div>
Trying on glasses.

taken: 1/17/2022
posted: 8/19/2022
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