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Elias' News Archive

Past News
This section contains Elias' news items from the past. Click on the arrows to navigate the news items.

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October 4, 2018
Elias graduated out of speech therapy today. On his test he scored 112 in a normal range of 85-115. This has been a long road and I am so happy it is over. He will be retested next year, but right now we rejoice!!

September 25, 2018
Another great eye appointment for Elias. He is seeing great out of each individual eye. He loves to go there and play the “letter game” where he gets to tell them the letters on the screen. Today she even gave him a screen that had a hidden word and he was able to find it. We are on hold for surgery/patching/glasses for about 6 more months. He is growing and changing so much that we are trying to wait until the end of this spurt until anything is determined. He still has crossing of his eyes and floating up. Right now, he has great control over them individually so concerns over sight loss in either eye is not an issue. We are very grateful for this active healthy boy!!

August 16, 2018
Final back-to-school night for us. This time Elias got to go see his pre-K class. He was so excited, he wanted to pack his lunch. We talked him out of bringing a lunch, but let him take his backpack. He is so excited for school.

August 10, 2018
Elias went in for his 4 year well check. He is doing great. He is 40 inches tall (37th percentile), 33 lbs (29th percentile), with a BMI of 14.9 (25th percentile). Perfectly perfect in every way!

July 1, 2018
My little man turned 4 today. He is a hilarious outgoing crazy guy that I couldn’t imagine my life without. He loves playing with family and friends, but when we would ask him what he wanted for his birthday his answer was “nothing”. Gifts are definitely not his love language.

May 26, 2018
Elias finished his first season of soccer. He did improve throughout the season, but he still wanted to share the ball with the other team a lot. He scored his first goal of the season today. He just loves running and laughing with friends.

May 19, 2018
Had a fun time at Eli’s preschool Field Day on Thursday. Games, obstacle course, tricycle riding, popsicles, and butterfly release.

May 14, 2018
Elias had his 3-year-old class program. He did so well. Elias showed off his singing and dancing skills. A couple more days of preschool left and then we are pre-K bound.

April 27, 2018
The boys did wonderful last night at their preschool program. Eli sang his little heart out about God’s love never stopping.

April 17, 2018
Elias had an eye appointment today. He is doing great and has 20/20 vision. He is not measuring as well as he did at his postoperative appointment, but still much better than before surgery. He has some turning in and vertical movement in his left eye. We anticipate more surgery in the future, but right now we wait. We haven’t reached the 6-month post-surgery yet so time is still on our side. We go back at the end of summer.

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