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Elias' News Archive

Past News
This section contains Elias' news items from the past. Click on the arrows to navigate the news items.

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July 1, 2020
My little peanut turned 6 today!! He had a full day of family fun. We started the day with gifts and donuts. Then we went to the park followed by Chuck E Cheese. After that, we went to The Tie Dye Lab. He picked dinner and chose Mug-n-Bun. Then a short trip to his Grandma’s house and back home to splash in the backyard and enjoy cupcakes. A full day for this VERY full of life little boy!

May 25, 2020
Kindergarten ending with a good-bye on a zoom call just didn't seem to be right, so Elias had kindergarten graduation photos taken yesterday. So much has changed and been taken away from everyone I am so happy to mark this moment in time with these cute photos.

May 20, 2020
Elias lost his first tooth today! My baby is growing up!

February 20, 2020
Elias had fun at school tonight for Kindergarten Dr. Seuss Night. He read a book, played a game, had a snack, made a craft, and watched the teachers perform a play.

January 22, 2020
For Elias’ 100th day of school, he dressed up like a 100-year-old. The kindergarten kids were so cute. I also got to have lunch with my handsome guys today.

September 25, 2019
The boys had a wonderful time at their meet last night. Elias has a good time waving and giving high fives to everyone. He couldn't care less about his time, but he did have ribbon envy.

July 29, 2019
Elias had his back to school night for kindergarten tonight. He is very excited to be going to Reagan. He cheers when we walk in the building that he can “finally go to Reagan!” He seemed a little sad after they took him on a tour of the school. I thought maybe he was going to miss me. Then he told us “that was very short.” He is highly disappointed that he didn’t get to stay much longer.

July 1, 2019
Mr. Elias turned 5 years old today!! He celebrated last night with having some family time. Today was Elias day. He got to pick everything we did. We started the day opening gifts then we were off to Chuck E Cheese. Funny thing at 10am on a Monday we were the only ones there. Then Chick-fil-A for lunch. After lunch we went to Kids Planet and played and then finished the day watching Toy Story 4. Super fun day for this energetic little guy!!

May 20, 2019
Elias went in for kindergarten testing. He wanted to stay there all day. He kept asking if he could go to the gym so they could test his running skills. I tried to explain that wasn’t what they were concerned about. He was so confused why they wouldn’t want to watch him run.

May 16, 2019
Wild and crazy Elias is all done with preschool. Today was all about fun with a carnival and movie time.

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