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Baker Boulevard is a family website, containing information and photos of David and DeAnne Baker, their daughters Emily and Elise, their sons Emerson and Elias, and their dog Albert. We hope you enjoy your visit.

David, DeAnne, Emily, Elise, Emerson, Elias, and Albert

Recent Updates
February 6, 2019
26 photos and news items have been added to Emilyís page.

18 photos and news items have been added to Elise's page.

43 photos and news items have been added to Emerson's page.

42 photos and news items have been added to Elias' page.

7 photos have been added to DeAnne's page.

13 photos have been added to Davidís page.

2 photos have been added to Albertís page.

This update includes family portraits, Angry Turkey Race (5k and kid 1-mile), Thanksgiving, Emerson's 6th birthday, musical breakfast with Santa, Polar Express, Fiesta Navidad, train rides, Christmas, New Year's Eve, snow sledding, Upward basketball and cheer, orchestra performances, snuggles, lunch selfies, 100-year-old Emerson, and more.

January 12, 2019
Emerson and Elias had their first basketball game of this season (second year for Emerson; first for Elias). David is the coach. Elise has started her second season of cheerleading.

December 31, 2018
Celebrating New Yearís Eve with my family making cookie/candy houses and toasting with bubbly.

December 1, 2018
We had a fun musical breakfast with Santa this morning. The kids all told Santa what they wanted for Christmas. Eli wants a sheep dog with no teeth to take care of all of our sheep (that we donít have), Emerson wants a Nintendo Switch (not going to happen), Elise wants a chinchilla (again not going to happen), and Emily said clothes (I can work with that). This year they will learn that Santa says no too. They all had a lot of fun crafting, playing games, and in the very loud music room where they got to play all kinds of instruments.

November 17, 2018
David and the kids ran the Angry Turkey run this morning. It was a pretty cold run. They all had a lot of fun. The younger 3 kids ran the 1k. David and Emily ran the 5k. Emily now has bragging rights over David because she finished before him. She shaved a minute off of her time and David added about a minute to his time. Emily once again got 3rd place in her age group female. Elise and Emerson both got 1st place in their age group. Elias got 2nd place in his age group. The best part was spending time as a family and the donuts and hot chocolate at the end was a close second.

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Haunted house fun.<br><div class='photoDatesPopup'><br>from Elise's Photos taken 10/15/2014 and posted 1/29/2015</div>
Haunted house fun.

taken: 10/15/2014
posted: 1/29/2015
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