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Nummy Baker

Numbnuts "Nummy" Baker

Just The Facts
Birthday: May 15, 2002
Weight: 6 lbs
Breed: Yorkshire Terrier (Yorkie)
Nickname(s): Nummy, Num, Nummy-num, Num-diddly-doo, Diddles, Diddly-doo, Diddly-dee, Skittles
Hobbies: Guarding, patrolling, running, barking, chewing rawhides, swimming, riding on Dad's back
Favorite TV Show
or Movie:
Other Facts:
Nummy is Ferguson's biological brother from the same litter. Nummy absolutely loves baths and being clean. If he feels it has been too long since his last bath, he will protest by standing in front of the bath tub and even scratching to get in. Nummy is a little sensitive about how is picked up and will let out a little yelp if he thinks you’ll hurt his legs when picking him up. It is best to slowly pick him up by his underbody. If you ever need Nummy to come to you and you’ve tried everything else, ask him if he wants a cookie and he’ll come running to you. He smiles, which makes people initially think he’s growling. He is used to sleeping locked in his kennel at night with the kennel covered by a blanket. Nummy does not do well with cats and will try to chase and fight them. His ideal home would be with an old lady who will hold him on her lap, give him frequent baths, and pamper him.

Nummy and Ferguson were adopted as puppies soon after we returned from our honeymoon in July 2002. With our third pregnancy in 2012, they became much more aggressive toward each other and causing true harm. It was happening with more frequency and didn't show signs of stopping. After Emerson was born, they had three big fights in one month resulting in vet visits, medication, stitches, cone of shame, yelling, etc. We felt that they were either not happy with each other or with our changing home environment that it was best for them to live their remaining years separated from one another with new families. We reached out to a Yorkie rescue and they validated our situation. This was a very tough and emotional decision. On January 19, 2013, David drove Nummy and Ferguson to the Tri State Yorkie Rescue 3 hours away and said his final farewell.

On January 30, 2013, we heard great news from the Yorkie rescue that Nummy was adopted. He has a new Yorkie sister and a stay-at-home mom to love him. We also learned that Ferguson was on TV that day in hopes that will help him get adopted soon. On February 19, 2013, we learned from the Yorkie rescue that Ferguson is being adopted and will be living part time in a nursing home as a therapy dog. We are so happy for "our boys". We miss them and will always have a special place in our heart for Nummy and Ferguson.

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Why do they always get a bath?!?<br><div class='photoDatesPopup'><br>from Nummy's Photos taken 8/14/2008 and posted 10/27/2008</div>
Why do they always get a bath?!?

taken: 8/14/2008
posted: 10/27/2008
Why is mud so much fun?<br><div class='photoDatesPopup'><br>from Nummy's Photos taken 12/20/2007 and posted 1/18/2008</div>
Why is mud so much fun?

taken: 12/20/2007
posted: 1/18/2008
Why always me!!<br><div class='photoDatesPopup'><br>from Nummy's Photos taken 2/28/2007 and posted 3/23/2007</div>
Why always me!!

taken: 2/28/2007
posted: 3/23/2007
How can I scare away the neighborhood birds when I am wearing a shirt?<br><div class='photoDatesPopup'><br>from Nummy's Photos taken 2/28/2007 and posted 3/23/2007</div>
How can I scare away the neighborhood birds when I am wearing a shirt?

taken: 2/28/2007
posted: 3/23/2007
Are you looking at ME?!?<br><div class='photoDatesPopup'><br>from Nummy's Photos taken 2/23/2007 and posted 3/23/2007</div>
Are you looking at ME?!?

taken: 2/23/2007
posted: 3/23/2007
Don't even look at it Ferguson.<br><div class='photoDatesPopup'><br>from Nummy's Photos taken 12/25/2006 and posted 1/5/2007</div>
Don't even look at it Ferguson.

taken: 12/25/2006
posted: 1/5/2007
Rare shot of all 3 together.<br><div class='photoDatesPopup'><br>from Nummy's Photos taken 11/25/2006 and posted 12/5/2006</div>
Rare shot of all 3 together.

taken: 11/25/2006
posted: 12/5/2006
Are you done?<br><div class='photoDatesPopup'><br>from Nummy's Photos taken 11/18/2006 and posted 12/5/2006</div>
Are you done?

taken: 11/18/2006
posted: 12/5/2006
Best Christmas gift EVER.<br><div class='photoDatesPopup'><br>from Nummy's Photos taken 12/25/2005 and posted 1/1/2006</div>
Best Christmas gift EVER.

taken: 12/25/2005
posted: 1/1/2006
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