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April 21, 2021
We heard a noise outside last night just before 10 PM and saw that the weight of the wet snow on the tree branches with full Spring leaves and flowers was too much.

April 10, 2021
We did Running of the Bulldogs 5K this morning as a family. Emily encouraged Emerson and ran with him and they both ended with a time of 27:39 (Emily enjoyed coaching Emerson and taking it slow), Davidís time was 27:48 (but Emily was embarrassed that he spoke with everyone along the way), Eliseís time was 37:33, and DeAnne fought with/pushed Elias along for a time of 38:11. Elias decided before the first mile he was done. The turning point for him was when almost at the end someone told him there were donuts. He ran through the finish line and kept going straight to the donuts.

April 6, 2021
Another season of Blaze started tonight. David is helping coach, Emerson and Elias are running, and Elise and Emily are junior coaches. Emily had her second track meet of the season and couldnít be there tonight, but is looking forward to helping out on Thursday.

April 4, 2021
Happy Easter!! Amazing service at Connection Pointe Christian Church this morning! Praise God we can worship together in person this year!!

April 2, 2021
Today was egg dyeing day. One kit was for glitter eggs and the other a spin egg set. We pretty much failed on both of them, but the kids had fun.

April 1, 2021
Back from our trip to Tennessee. The first part we spent at a ranch in Dunlap. We got to experience life on the farm. Morning chores started nice and early with cleaning the stalls and feeding the animals. We also milked the cow and gathered the eggs. Then it was breakfast and back to work separating the milk from the cream and making cheese. The older 3 also took horseback riding lessons. Lots of animal visits and enjoying walking around the area.

April 1, 2021
The second part of our Tennessee trip we spent in Dollywood. Emily is a huge Dolly Parton fan! Lots of rides and eating. Elias made us stop at the chapel in Dollywood and pray before we could continue.

January 31, 2021
25 photos and news items have been added to Emilyís page.

29 photos and news items have been added to Elise's page.

38 photos and news items have been added to Emerson's page.

30 photos and news items have been added to Elias' page.

12 photos have been added to DeAnne's page.

13 photos have been added to Davidís page.

This update covers November through January and includes Emilyís egg baby, Thanksgiving, Emersonís 8th birthday, Tie Dye Lab, completed the first semester of school in-person with no COVID quarantines for any of our kids, David the Elf, Christmas, Gypsy sleepover, Chuck E. Cheese fun, New Yearís Eve shenanigans, Mario Kart party, school fun run, snow sledding, and more.

January 1, 2021
Happy New Year!! We had a crazy fun time with some family last night. The girls made some memorable videos and sang until Emily lost her voice. We toasted in the new year at about 8:30 PM and kicked out 2020 a little early because DeAnne likes sleep. David and the girls stayed up, but the boys and DeAnne were fast asleep at midnight.

December 25, 2020
A very merry Christmas from the Bakerís. My kids are extremely spoiled. We got to have a special visitor this week -- Gypsy (Davidís niece-dog).

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