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Past Updates
This section contains Baker Boulevard updates from the past. Click on the arrows to navigate the update items.

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August 21, 2006
35 pictures were added to Emilyís page as well as recent news items. They include 2 trips to the fair and 2 trips to the museum. Emily is really starting to communicate more now, not that we can always understand her. She loves to run, play, and climb now. She has also learned how to throw a proper fit. There is also a garden update on DeAnneís page and 1 picture of Albert surfing in the pool.

July 30, 2006
Added new "Photo Search" page.

July 26, 2006
Added refresh function to Random Photo section on the home page.

July 13, 2006
29 new pictures have been added to Emily's page. Pictures include first visit to the zoo, going to the Letís Meet PBS KIDS in the Park event, a cabin getaway, and more. Also, 1 picture was added to David's page.

July 11, 2006
Emily's page has been updated with 7 news items. Sorry... we've been a little behind.

June 11, 2006
Added "Random Photo" functionality to home page. Added dates taken and posted to photo pop-up window.

June 7, 2006
Emily's page has been updated with some news items and 32 new pictures. Pictures include Emily's first birthday, 12 month portraits, wearing piggy tails, swimming, and more. Also, 2 pictures were added to DeAnne's page and 1 picture added to David's page.

April 24, 2006
Emily's page has been updated with some news items and 36 new pictures. Pictures include Easter, an egg hunt, Emily's first haircut, the new swing set, and eating dandelions.

April 22, 2006
Modified site navigation and added site map page.

April 9, 2006
Emily's page has been updated with some news items and 26 new pictures. She went to the Children's Museum, got into the spirit of March Madness, and had lots of fun with water. Although you must be warned that some pictures contain nudity, so viewer discretion is advised.

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